Keto Plunge Day 2

From the standpoint of a reporter interested in describing what it’s like to go on and be on a ketogenic diet, this is day 2 of my experience of being in keto adaptation.


Here’s a link to the lecture by Jeff Volek at the IHMC that is referred to in my podcast.


And here’s a linke to the study on beta-hydroxybuterate (a ketone body) in Science that Volek talks about:

Getting Started With Keto-Adaptation

My first report on the Ketogenic Bulletin podcast. My intention is to start this off with a 10 day series of talking about what I know and don’t know when it comes to nutritional ketosis. And since I kicked myself out of ketosis about have a year ago, I’m going to talk about what it’s like to keto-adapt.

Key references in this first podcast: The IHMC podcast with Dr. Tommy Wood.


Robb Wolf and his new book, Wired To Eat. More info: