Getting Started With Keto-Adaptation

My first report on the Ketogenic Bulletin podcast. My intention is to start this off with a 10 day series of talking about what I know and don’t know when it comes to nutritional ketosis. And since I kicked myself out of ketosis about have a year ago, I’m going to talk about what it’s like to keto-adapt.

Key references in this first podcast: The IHMC podcast with Dr. Tommy Wood.


Robb Wolf and his new book, Wired To Eat. More info:

3 Replies to “Getting Started With Keto-Adaptation”

  1. I hope you will detail your food intake for these days. I toyed with this about a year ago and for the time, I felt great. The challenge however was maintaining the diet. I just like a variety of foods. Eating meals that primarily consist of avocado, olives and almonds gets awfully boring awful quick.

    1. Hi Rick—I will for sure. In fact, my next episode is going to talk about one of the first problems I think I’ve run into. I’ll be posting it later today.

      1. Even more of a challenge, trying to get into ketosis as a vegetarian. Not that I am a vegetarian but I’ve toyed with the idea since my wife is a vegetarian. Low carb vegetarian diet. Is it possible? Sustainable?

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