3 Replies to “Real-Life Keto”

  1. Baahahaha! Point to a recipe and have your cook make it for ya. Thanks for the morning laugh. Actually I am thoroughly enjoying your podcasts because I’m in the same boat as you. Though I typically turn the page if a recipe calls for more than five ingredients. I have a three year old who allowed me time to exercise but now I also have an 11 month old. Since he joined the family there has been nothing of a normal schedule, so my usual evening runs or getting on the bike trainer at 7:30 doesn’t happen since it’s not until seemingly 9:30 by the time everyone is in bed. By then I’m too tired to even consider exercise. And yes, eggs with avocado every morning, a lunch of baked chicken thighs and almonds, and a dinner of chicken or salmon with maybe sweet potato. This gets boring very quickly. I have looked at some Paleo recipes, but do you see how expensive almond flour is?!? Good god.

  2. I’m anxious to hear what you find out from your vegetarian friend. I expect she recommends lots of dishes with beans, eggs, perhaps quinoa (something I have yet to have prepared in a way that is edible).

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